Here’s a clip and some images with a brief explanation of the artwork currently being exhibited at the Magda Danysz Gallery London as part of the Gamma Proforma Cosmic Flush exhibition.

The work that I do with the Lego ‘Letter Racers’ is the combined result of years of study and analysis of symbology and language structure from its roots throughout history until modern graffiti, including an apprenticeship with New York artist, The Rammellzee. I create these alphabetical letter sculptures with Lego as my chosen medium because I feel the Lego system is synonymous and illustrative of language, how we build words and sentences is by joining individual parts to piece together a whole concept. In addition, fairly advanced working mechanisms and geometry can be configured into the letter structure with Lego, the result is an independently functional 3D symbol in a state of motion and dynamic flux. This concept, through both physics and metaphysics represents an evolution of the alphabet into more streamlined symbols and an attempt to correct historic manipulations to confine and redirect the alphabet…”

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