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? M x A = N has been placed by this unplanned structure colony math to do the concentrating of friction-formation. The equation G x O = D has placed two prophetic universal (not according to this word-formation UNIVERSAL) gambles.

One universal gamble is the understructuring of a transversal register. The letter by equation and answer to equation. The other universal gamble is the reformation-equations to make the understructure make itself the overstructure in an equation-evolution ornamentation by monks who overstructured their idols and did not know that they had remanipulated a disappearing point on a quantum transversal register. The next point of appearance to the register’s structure was known as armanamentation in the universal gamble of word-strategy reformation by the reformators and themselves the receptacles. Once again this is Ikonoklast Wars, but this time it is not the receptacles, it is the quantum transversal registers armoured against those the matter fact of abstract. O in the explosion equation implosion the power of this infinities FOCI, (planet) show a vacuum for a fetal formation to be possible due to the ladder, O shows vacuum the element formator ?.



Electromagnetic energy’s knowledge conformed in a stable formation function protection around any planet gives basis base for development of disease-culture, on any planet with enough natural resources to conceive bacteria as long as the orbit is the right position for that vital resource. Humans being disease-culture (the body), spirits being gaseous energy (disease-culture manipulation). Death is remanipulation only be electromagnetic knowledge energy leaving disease because of malfunction of inhabited diseaseculture, other deaths are only CHANGE.

Electromagnetics’ knowledge disperses back into the course of the Van Allen Belt’s (in purity). ‘?’ dianetical path, continuing on in evolution’s path. Knowledge is scattered throughout Van Allen Belt in minute knowledge-particles. Life. Electromagnetics in a photonic stage to conduct energy’s knowledge light (pure thought) which is in all atoms inhabits compatible disease by fusing into diseases DNA nervous-system structure-codeplan to energize the cerebrum before its embryotic stage sharing and manipulating and being manipulated with the composed knowledge of the atometric D x N = A Molecule and at the end of cellular construction is conformed into biochemical energy and is dispersed through motor neutrons. This structural symbolic procedure-code connects the Van Allen Belt as a symbol and the basic symbol for language for structural symbolic translations transformations of slanguage for energy’s purpose through the manipulation of insight and onsight of energy and inhabited diseases. These completed symbols are: Roman, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and any other symbol NOT resembling latter language-symbols or pictograms.

Knowledge knowledges knowledge, the elevation of WILD STYLE-knowledge is concluded as a SYMBOL DESTROYER, ARMOURED, MEDIEVAL MECHANISM. This formation shall be known as IKONOKLAST PANZERISM: R.O.K.: GOTHIC FUTURISM, THIS IS WILD-STYLE CORRECTED.

SIRPIEREULE: is electromagnetic structure-formation function protection register dealing with a friction-formation of compressed electromagnetic knowledge and what it remanipulated strictly from a subject Equation-Formation Latin, warning any misuse without the representation and reformation of the alphabet structure-formator as it leads you into apocalyptic AP x 0 = CALY + PTIC wars will lead you into apocalyptic wars final formation final.

This pamphlet holds, formates the knowledges to translate a symbol, an universal symbol, the dictionary, all word-formations and any sentence, paragraph, page or study including the Bible.

With formations two degrees are left open for discussion and in math:

First codified law (Roman) 449 BC. Ram catches bases for structure colony mathematics of IKONOKLAST PANZERISM. Points stabilizing friction, intake, outpush or thrust. Start with the structure of six, 6, 360, of equaling or extending from zero degrees equals aerodynamics. This is the reverse like 360 + 00. IMPLOSION/EXPLOSION EQUALS 0-0+.


(147 B.C. Roman period begins) (1140 A.D. Gothic period begins) From the fourth century to the nineteenth century a development of style remanipulated by monks known as Gothic type, or Old English type, presently used by The New York Times and Long Island Press. This is the PROTO-product of WILD-STYLING. To my knowledge of letterstructure, separation of sound (verbal recording) and wordfomtations English, Spanish and Russian, and any other Slanguages using Roman letter-symbols or others are not a language, due to universal symbolic thievery. The original verbal formation (phonetic) for the Roman letter was Latin: (L+AxT= IN).

How can a government be structured straight using a symbolic code subconsciously remanipulated and its symbols do not belong to the verbal formation. To my know edge societies and disease-culture symbols have violated universal symbolic laws and shortcircuited the electromagnetic code of the Roman lettersymbols and others used to build a word, the definition of a word to build a society and then a government and a future educational process to complete universal transit system and manipulate (blood system).

To my knowledge of the symbolic codes of the alphabet’s formation, it is very much incorrect. The evolution of the Roman letter structured in the formation: ADEBRKPFLHIJTMGOQCNSVWUXYZ and the SlRPIEREULE-formated structures. The construction of most of the symbols was remanipulated subconsciously, J,U,W are conscious remanipulations. (Neutral) The borrowing of subconsciously incomplete symbolic structures (Phoenician), etc. Added to the design of the Roman letter-type, these symbols are complete due to armament-structure in design of IKONOKLAST PANZERISM. According to the degree of knowledge of the cipher, triangle and square. This is not revolution, this is evolution.


The infinity or Van Allen Belt ? ’a section-grafage symbol’ is based with electromagnetic energies positive north, positive-south squared, negative north, negative south squared, chemically based dry-based, and so-called anti-based energies. This build/destroy symbol is for science, mathematics (universal) to our life forms knowledge and not religion. The symbolic structure X holds fusion (W x A = R) according to this formation and pamphlet’s breakdown-strategy (formated by its structure). The Roman letter-type and others have been armed to assassinate and/or abolish this supreme symbol known as infinity-sign by removing the X from this written structure.

This is symbolic wars using slang and ionics to understand the very outline-structure that makes A through Z its mathematics and science for disease-culture to understand the consequences of structure that have been disease-culturally sabotaged and trick-knowledged.

All formations of word-knowledge are constructed under the symbolic thoughts of the infinity-sign.

Motion in motion, power, armed, stride with position straight, is known as the function formation formula for and of IKONOKLAST PANZERISM: R.O.K. REMANIPULATION, all the knowledge for military strategy for the (BLOOD SYSTEM) of New York City, (Universal Transit System).


infinity’s electromagnetic knowledge shows that there are two C cipher belts one is forward the other is reversed, (foci or planet), and an electromagnetic knowledge starting a society, for an established knowledge is A.D., according to the dictionary. All nowledge-remanipulation, in the universal gamble, by Monks was destroyed by ikonoklastic emperors thernselves divided realms from disease-culture sounds and formation C-O+dominion = A GOD, GIVEN OMNIPOTENT DOMINION.

In 1582 the 13th Pope removed ten days from the calendar, the next day they will stay is the year 2000. From the fourth century to the nineteenth century outline of letter, numbers and other universal symbols and disease-cultural structures was in the hands of calligraphers. Since then the Roman letter in a Panzer stage of evolution from the fourteenth century to 1969-1974 was complete subconscious toyism (Treacherous on your System). From Bubble to structure (squared) and emotional outburst era 1974-1979 was a war-era, where knowledge formed about by itself through the body, in the dark, underground. This is a ten-year cycle of so-called graffiti development and elevation.1980-2000 separation between WILD STYLISM and PANZERISM, the non emotional era, knowledge of it and purpose of it, this is full evolution of the Roman letter-type and others in so-called graffiti.

The present infinity-sign and the symbol X: this symbol must be separated from the present infinity-sign by IKONOKLAST PANZERISM. The only way is to go into the structure on paper of space or dimensions of art of paper. WILD STYLISM: “A So Called’ element of graffiti is base-derived from Gothic text subconsciously. The Futurism is PANZERISM-design a subconscious development. WILD STYLE: ELEMENT TECHNIQUES, CLASSIFIED. (ISM)

WILD STYLE has no rules’ in itself to have no rules is to be ISM the goal and the rule. Separation of unique nterpretations or basic symbolic construction, example: common sense says the only basic symbol for a missile is an arrow, shown by the Chinese, the ones who really started all recording verbal formation symbols, several thousand years ago. NO GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWED TO STEAL SUBCONSCIOUS SYMBOLS.

Style separation of the advanced statement style IKONOKLAST PANZERISM. Registeration and Draftation of three to ten style structures of which four are commercaially based in Futurism armament. From Transit records and elimination of style interpretation and conception on a PANZERISM scale of design advancement in drafting techniques, you have a choice to go in, out or remain neutral. To anyone who challenges this pamphlet me outcome is aword-formation breakdown on these styles of reality-construction. Since PANZERISM is conceived on a flat dimension, one phase of WILD STYLE is conceived on a flat dimension (paper style). This style is of knife (stabbing) technique.

In a Symbolic War and according to the understanding of slang in gangsterism, a paper style will burn if faced with an outranking construction in drafting technique.Listed are these remanipulations.

Due to a knowledge of reality-construction (IKONOKLAST PANZERISM), the incompiete outline-construction in the drafting technique, the construction of this next style is concluded as an educational technique, (JEWELRYSM) or the DISCRETIONISM or JURYISM.

The NYMPHISM is a practice that based on my studies are the growing baby-tanks. NYMPHISM shows the only technique of WILD STYLISMS with some discipline and goal. Other styles and/or GOTHIC FUTURISM include Dimensional map techniques, BUBBLE-style techniques that deal with elements of commercial calligraphy.

All-conceived WILD STYLISMS in any plan of operations whether for military purposes or not will advance in drawing-technique to a PANZERISM-style technique on the letter’s structure, masterpieces and pieces in and on any medium does not include scenery. Any masterpiece or piece that has a crack in its outlined structure techniques according to PANZERISM-technique has been fired upon and hit, evidence is cracks a factual damage-symbol in anything that deals with art.

Graffiti-era is from the beginning to the end of recorded history!

According to slang and reality-condensed style structure piece equals gun not the medium, masterpiece equals cannon and/or tank or the Discreation-technique.

TAG militarily the unreadable are a stabbing harpoon and pulsator technique which is like a satellite. This technique can unravel, extend, discharge, surround, attack. TAG is not a signature but a sign-overture. Due to the formula in construction of motion in motion construction, path of launch and extension of the connecting SIRPIEREULE.


BOMBERISM: is a style based on the cipher and is not armed but can be. WILD STYLISMS are semi-based on Bubble-Bomberism (EMOTIONAL) subconscious, knowledge of PANZERISM. WILD STYLISMS are INCOMPLETE outline-constructions (according to a military technique of reality-condensed construction). IKONOKLAST PANZERISM R.O.K.: GOTHIC FUTURISM, based on knowledge of the square is non-emotional and doesn’t assert one’s inner identity, shows complete outline-structure in detail of detail of a tank-styled letter and is an Ideomotor-movement.

Piece=Gun Masterpiece=Cannon

Mapping techniques of GOTHIC FUTURISM (evidence technique). The construction of a dimensional graph consisting and existing in the state of the subconscious whereas IKONOKLAST PANZERISM is one of the 13 unseen details. Other instruments of symbolic war are: sectioners, which cut off quadrants of dimension and cause magnetic interference and fusion of mattered space to reverse it.

Section-sources in RAMM ? LL’s design of ASSASSINS KNOWLEDGES OF THE REMANIPULATED SQUARE are made of triangle grids and rotation-discs as a base for a base for a projection-system based on RAMenergetics. In FUTURA’s translation-map these SECTIONERS are known and constructed as a formation of dots in front of or behind IKONOKLAST PANZERISM or Bomberism leading attack. In another formation on military cross-sectioning with SECTIONERS or Dimension-Sectioning, a draft-technique that is drafted by firing two electron light beams in different directions magnetically (using the diamond effect) connecting at the end of a quadrant, therefore in the middle where a dot in any colour usually bigger than the actual line is the sectioner. From the available map-studies to show direction of IKONOKLAST PANZERISM, FUTURA’s hand movement shows the stroke of painting the design for IKONOKLAST PANZERISM. The structure before (unseen) process of that stroke is a tank, at the end of the tank FUTURA’s beginning stroke for the colour-wave combining with the red shift of light and shows the actual stretching of the camouflage on the tank far behind it reacting in a way as drawn speedlines so or exhaust far out in second-dimension space.

CEREMBRIC NEUTRON HARPOON (Thought Lance) holds complete thought-processes to constructions and launches outline that can construct any shape energy it wants to construct in any dimension of physical magnetics. Several remanipulators such as dimensional doors, dimension cracks. BOMBERISM: Construction flight base is on the cipher, which flies in a spiral cipher. Included in the map and maps are conscious design-stars (misplaced dimensions) the actual firing of electromagnetic black-lights (implosion) and bio-magnetic pyramids. Dimensional cracks: the travel of them will lead to other dimensions.

THIS IS TO PROVE THE OLD MOTHER’S TALE THAT WORDS WILL OR CAN NEVER HURT YOU! IKONOKLAST PANZERISM introduced by so-called graffiti for the remanipulation by and from energy through the body for the repercussions and rediscussions of society’s misleading reductional break-down. Knowledge be reborn by the understanding of word-formations that there is no dictionary ever compelled for the evolution of the outline of the AB. And C through Z, and other universal structures.

Since these symbols and all symbols are drawn, infinity’s separation from all symbols must be shown through drawing. The only proof of such a separation of the infinity would be the understanding by the majority of the planetary peers. There is no other way. These pages are on the evolution of the very outline of the universal letter-structure. Until this is read and understood the very essence of the formations existing slanguages science and universal letter symbol outlined structure could and will never be understood, placed or used in an ism.


A Capitol energy houser constructor (finance) formation high bar strategy middle lane missile launcher uppercase falls once. Second case, second case second lane missile launcher falls twice, third lane vortex complete, all lanes hold complete. Full knowledge complete ? (Pyramid) formation final beginning knowledge of the O (cipher and square).

B First lane readmission, third lane readmission, second lane curved connected to first and third lanes fourth lane representing IBILE: undividing E concentric 3, knowledge of the B (formation ground separation).
Third lane starting first fold from the bottom be the formation R, first stage capitol position. Third lane capitol long lane missile launcher second lane equalizer for the first lane. C-Z ALL STRUCTURES SIRPIEREULE FORMATED

C Structure knowledge incomplete O, 60 (point-point+) missing from cipher=C, representing third letter. Since O is broken, C cancels out itself because its outline does, not go around and come around. In this formation XC equals finance.
(ALL knowledge through contradiction from contradiction spelling of CONTxRA-DICT= ION, inhabits knowledge that this is truly knowledge
of ? .

D Cipher reversed. IBILE. D proceding and/or with knowledge of I showing evolution’s dianetical course (Van Allen Belt) from energy to concrete construction to energy reformation and all points exits grounded from 0 to 360 (instruments), (light), (matter), the letters are reputed to and in the left of the cerebrum, sound from 0 to 180 degrees. Electromagnetic knowledge is in the future but in the present is fantasy of the future electromagnetic knowledge surrounding form of I with no electromagnetic interference. I form= Disease Culture. Electromagnetic interference formed by reaction of reaction through or to reaction, reaction caused by IBILE symbol (1).
Conclusion symbol reborn ? Male and Female structure

E Energie’s Evolution spelling of EVOxLU=TION and evolutions show composed of knowledge of the  reformation from and to Sigma, (Summation Operator) considering contradiction the use of all contradiction according to these pages. Therefore knowledge be reborn. Fantasy, reality, mental physical contradiction, being conversation and the matter of contradicted fact. Knowledge of the ? lines between three points also is conscious. (E 3²= ? )?


F Formation militairy only to all word-formations in and of A or its position. First lane emerges from second lane upper case, second lane extends to first rebeing P. (Low Lane) first lane second lane to third position equals L through extension bars in WILD STYLISM or PANZERISM explanation.

G (Canceilation C+(-)=G
being first letter G.
(-)= 60°GOQC G=0
O, Q, C = G
in this order of the knowledge techniques formation mathematically processed subconscious structure assassination. Development of slanguage consequences form progression of planetary governments true understanding and consequences of present ê. Techniques, theories, facts, and their consequences, what is the outcome*. Three equals man and reverse energy equals use of man, consequences. Consequences equal governments before understanding purpose and/or symbols and governments structure of slanguage. Consequences present infinity sign. (Since it is a high official symbol, the highest math symbol must be assassinated and abolished in its dimension).

H WlSxDO=M showing (latter lower hydrogen upper helium) position, a middle bar (carbon) 8 rungs through 360 = either beginning or end, the GRILLER of both past and future, being present knowledge of the letter’s compacts to the .


I IBILE undividing present form showing contradiction between society and knowledge itself being 1, structure knowledge constituting laws of sculpture structure reformidibles and laws of disease-culture (horizontal bar lower level) (upper level) constitutes laws of electromagnetic energy (knowledge), and abstract concept, vertical bars equal in concepts (fusion) between and concerning forward idea movement construction (LINE) and opposite line (abstract) anti-mattered concepts. Illuminations and Panzerism conclude this.

J IBILE undividing conjunction full stride half stuttle lower case curvature non-elite. I=J formation (nonjustice=J) regardless to the outcome of any dictionary teaching, regardless to any of any prophetic, herelithic teaching in the English slanguage. Lower case mechanics to the mechanics of 1.

K IBILE futurism access is upper case gangsterism access is advancible up the scale of futurism showing knowledge entry of electromagnetic entry from foci to the end of slanguage symbol advancement.

L Knowledge of the concrete line at the 45° AxLI=NE angle manipulates process between eight 45 angles and two bases. Four can be upper case four lower on the reverse side four can be upper case four can be lower case and opposite. 90 is the concentration point.

M Mathematics can be produced chemically of and with latitude longitude positions of electromagnetic structures enabling thought concentration in phonetics in its formation. QUANTUMMECHANICS.

N NxE=0 is concentration formation always beginning any formation thought process of the symbols, name, formation, and character of its own evolved square knowledge to have (NECESxSIT= IES) within the outlined structure formation equation.

O Cipher 360 is curved in clockwise procedure futuristic or counterclockwise destructive motion. The development of knowledge can never build in an upwards structure without point or points, to use a point is to build other than a cipher. A cipher’s outline starts at O and is drawn to 360 the end using triangle and square. All knowledge clockwise and counterclockwise according to the present ê must go around and come around or in one point in its quadrants be destructive. 2 points=1 degree. Using a triangle = 360 = 720 points = ? .

P Reversed C cipher giving longer percentage of knowledge of the gangster spectrum of knowledge of the vertical shown by the vertical formation by itself.

Q In counterclockwise motion or clockwise cipher broken, crossbar showing angle of escape from party inside cipher. Arrow symbol placed shows structure symbol of being escaping cipher vertical line being space travel at present vertical is in direction arc 75°. In this position is man’s and woman’s structure symbol ? (Quest).

R (C cipher reversed) IBILE bar separate at the (science) base gangsterism knowledge connected to reversed C cipher not at foci in future ahead of time structure at the end of the second quadrant to the cipher’s structure. Intersection of science-structure (medicine) diagonally intercepted for and with strategic positioning and/or procedure. B equals split formation 13, R first read-mission lane and third read-mission lane disengaged from fourth lane equals structure of the K.

S Style Stroke (PHYxS= ICS) knowledge of the square to be placed upon all word-formations. Physical break-down strategy of the universal letters outlined structures. Based on these and this structure.

T Horizontal raised to capitol or finance position showing societies’ viewpoints. (PSY x CH = lC) equaling before and after prophesies, dreammares of day and night to and of the extremes are (horizontal) telekineses, telepathic. Time shown by the vertical bar.

U Universal symbol to I, N, E, showing futurism and an access to re-enter at will to electromagnetic energies past and present. Since they will be based on this symbol conscious knowledge in education process and electromagnetic energy is covered knowledge projected in the future into the future.

V As you know comes to a point, its trajectory is pointing down also showing the strategy and positioning C cipher. Presentday government and its direction in our present infinium, I believe, historians in the future will see why this symbol is shown as a downfall symbol based on present day infinity sign.

W First lane showing considered knowledge and contraction second lane build concentration conversation for mathematics. Third lane electromagnetic structure. Fourth lane contradiction in conversation toward futurism, first foundation word all formations.

X In the dictionary this symbol’s definition means Christ. It’s structure shows four escape or enter paths of electromagnetic energy, in the middle is a combined knowledge of all four paths. No Infinity-Sign should have such a symbol, it shows fusion the main remanipulator of war. Directly those knowledges that survived its fusion will end up back at the beginning of past, but they will go through fusion a second time before doing so. (According to letter mathematics IKONOKLAST PANZER R.O.K. and laws of art, using hyperbolliad and/or folium on the infinity symbol or Van Allen Belt, trajectory is found for assassination technique on spectrum. X with - = technique on foci or planet. This is Ikonoklast’s trajectory for firing horizontally, vertically on infinity in its turning sequence.

Y This symbol is firing its purpose through mathematics to the formation I and will break that (S) (O) (E) line between fantasy and reality and shadow dimension. Notice the direction is downward.

Z Is a time-symbol based on energy directed through symbolics, without friction to disease-culture structures, an idea construction extension of 7#. A society’s present-day government education after gatherment evolution on the top the Roman letter is read left to right in the motion of this symbol. From letter controlled by government showing government losing control letter structure regaining control continuing in the right direction, outcome, this is shown by putting a line through the middle of the Z.

That is the ground line separating society and gangsterism to and from this
consciously-labeled Roman lettertype. Z with vertical bar is time triggered to intercept any overstructure overstructuring its structure.


NUMBER’S In this mathematical formation (NU+MBxE=R)
ê structure definition for numbers is in this formation W, M, 1, Q, A, L, E, R, T, S, N. This formation is a connection of symbolic code of Roman letters to the other symbols. Arabic numbers introduced by India which can be armed because of their structure that represents letters, not names. There are five Russian letters that can be armed. They are d, zh, p, i, sh. There are three basic codes in Art (AxR=T) and Idea (IxD=E+A) for the formation of sound*: ABSTRACTS, STRUCTURES, MILITARY FUNCTIONS.

Some pictograms can be armed to contradict their sight and phonetic value.

All humans are spectators to Art in the second dimension. We are only recording recepticles for energy’s knowledge for the build procedure.

Alphabet = Alpha + Beta without the (A) who did that? Who titled us off as the human ‘race’, who put us in a race and for what purpose are we racing?

Names: the ground level, the seperations in a relationship to nature a housing structure of disease-culture (human beings). The function of a name and the word itself is correct in its formation on a conscious build-up procedure to cover a territory, to conceal militarily from territories the self-identities on ideas whether it be electromagnetic knowledge, houses, reworkable sculpture structures, land or universes. Therefore militarily sould formations and this pamphlet. 5 letters in Greek can be armed, these formations are the THETA, SIGMA, UPSILON, PHI, PSI. Any register that can’t be armed belongs to diseased culture structure and is not a universal structure symbol. No government owns land in this mathematical formation (N x AM x E) = ?.

according to these pages of symbolic structure breakdown. In short, (N)NEO meaning. (A) pyramid, energy constructor house in its structure formation. (M) is coded for mathematics structurally after a biochemical structure to allow the structure to build upon itself if the biochemical structure is at, a part of or can conceive genetic construction to form the evolution of symbolic knowledge to remanipulate this structure and its evolution. (E) is coded for the evolution of structure of biochemical movement into idea. In evolution’s case all function formations must apply to the name - the name must apply to the idea - the idea must apply to the word formation - the word formation must apply to the sound formation. If not the strategy formation must be changed.

Z with horizontal lines (2 IBILES) shows intersections and interceptions of energy through symbols.


= Infinity or Van Allen Belt or Mobius Strip. Equation for implosion/explosion. Foci becomes void abstract to idea and equation.


X = Christian symbol.

= Origin, Planet, Foci.

= C cipher belt.


= Reversed C cipher belt.