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New Balance x Shelflife x Dr.Z - “City of Gold 574”

I am very pleased to announce the upcoming release of the New Balance x Shelflife x Dr.Z collaboration sneaker project …the “City of Gold 574”!

More information will be dropped throughout this month and next…but for now check out this teaser video clip:

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Dr.Z featured in Warp Mag Japan

Recently featured in Warp Magazine Japan (Vol. 202 - 2014.1 +2) “Trip to Heaven” issue with a small interview in Japanese discussing the highlights of Johannesburg city, South-African street culture and some upcoming projects.

Architect Benjamin Lowder talks “Word Magic”

I am honoured to be personally mentioned in this talk by Illinois architect/ artist Benjamin Lowder ( around 21:55). During his art exhibition “Myth, Math & Magic on the 90th Meridian ” Benjamin talks “Word Magic” at Buckminster Fuller’s “Center for Spirituality & Sustainability.” He drops some knowledge and personal wisdoms explaining the intention of his art through quantum mechanics and the cultural importance of Rammellzee.


I recently found this video online, hidden & embedded inside a mix of other random clips…an extremely rare performance-art style interview with Rammellzee in his “Crux The Monk” costume. Crux is one of the characters in the “Alpha’s Bet” mythology with the description of “A time puzzler and dimension juggler. A maker of poisons”.

Unfortunately I do not have any more information about the origination or source of the clip, but I hope my reposting here on youtube will assist in finding a better quality version or other similar archived videos that might exist.


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Recently the “Google Maps” Street View cameras documented the The Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York. By chance it was during The RAMMELLZEE Galaxseum exhibition, which presented the most comprehensive collection of works to-date. Take the tour around and spot the life sized Rammellzee & Shun-U standing guard!

Feature: Dr.Zulu on

I was interviewed for “Between 10 and 5” is the popular South African website showcasing creative talent and creative industry related news.

link up here to view:

DRZ&Co. featured in Hype Magazine

DRZ&Co. “prototype range” featured in Hype Magazine (South Africa’s largest hip-hop related youth market print publication.)


DRZ&Co. SIGNATURE BRAND is now officially available.

The “Prototype Range” consists of basic winter apparel essentials. Mens & Ladies hoodies; Pullovers; Beanies; Tees and accessories. Purchase exclusively through Shelflife Store

Colette Paris Blog feature

The infamous Parisian boutique Colette Paris featured the Mandi Lennard interview here:

We Are feat. PHOTOxZVLV

South African social & culture site WE ARE AWESOME feature on the PHOTOxZVLV tumblr gallery


Orms Connect Feature: The East Travel Photography

Dr.Z featured on the professional photographic studio website ORMS CONNECT:

These brilliant travel photographs were taken in Tokyo and Hong Kong by Cape Town-based artist and designer Dr. Zulu.”


Dr.Z interview on SlamxHype

Dr.Zulu interview with Mandi Lennard featured on SLAMxHYPE / STYLE

Dr.Z feature on Love Mag


THE INTERVIEW: D-ONE TALKS RAMMLL:ZΣΣ: guest curated by Mandi Lennard